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Classic is always classic. Embrace the simple industrial look and feel of brushed steel. The logo is 100% laser etching in steel for a virtually indestructible finish.

  • Collapses to just 2.9mm
  • 10X Expandable with the push of a button
  • Configure landscape or portrait kickstand

Comes with one additional adhesive pad.


Tango uses a semi-permanent adhesive which sticks to most cases, including silicone. Tango is not recommended for highly textured cases (e.g. fabric or bumpy cases). Tango is also not recommended to stick directly to a phone. Many phones have a protective coating which resists most adhesives.


Tango works with most wireless chargers when it is mounted on the bottom of the phone. See our Getting Started video for more information.

Also consider our Universal Magnetic Mounting Base to make your Tango magnetically removable.

Car Mount

Tango is compatible with all cradle car mounts. Magnetic car mounts may permanently damage the Tango. Please see

Diameter - 42mm

Thickness - 2.9mm


10X Expandable with the push of a button, the Tango is virtually invisible when not in use.


The Tango helix gently pulls your hand and phone together creating a secure and comfortable grip.


Lock the top into the baseplate to create a landscape or portrait stand depending on mounted position.