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Tango - Magnetic Puck (Magsafe Compatible)

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The removal process is quick and painless.

In short, the bond is strong because of the large circular surface area of adhesion and the structure of the phone in the case. By removing the phone from the case and flexing the case you can relieve the bond from the edges out, allowing the tango to be removed with no residue.

You can then swap the adhesive pad and mount it to another phone!

Please watch the "Removing and Replacing" video above.

Like any other grip, when placed in the center of your phone it can affect wireless charging.
However, Tango is also very grippy when placed on the bottom of your phone where it does not interfere with wireless charging. And as a bonus, it can be used as a portrait stand.
Check out the Getting Started video above.
Also consider our Universal Magnetic Puck product which allows you to magnetically remove the Tango when you want to wirelessly charge.

When, expanded the Tango feels virtually solid with a secure stretch to it. The Tango helix is composed of multiple thick elastic elements which all pull and push together making it extremely stable.

There are three tiny "detents" in the steel baseplate. This allows the top to be locked in to place in three orientations (top, left and right). Depending exactly where you mount your Tango, at least one of these positions will provide stand functionality.
See Getting Started video above.

Yes absolutely, this was one of our requirements for the product from the outset. Our adhesive is specifically silicone-based so it sticks semi permanently to silicone cases, as well as any other smooth flat backed case.